Via Pio Corsi 14, Nizza Monferrato

Nizza Monferrato

Nizza Monferrato is located in the heart of Monferrato, in the Belbo torrent valley. The territory covers an area of 30.36 km², mostly hilly, surrounded by the hills of High Monferrato. Nizza and its fine Barbera wine have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 22 June 2014. From the famous variety of vine, cultivated for over 500 years in the Piedmont area, on 1 July 2016 the Barbera d'Asti superior name "Nizza” was born. Il Nizza is produced in 18 municipalities (near the town of Nizza Monferrato) with 100% Barbera grapes. An opportunity to taste Il Nizza and all other Piedmontese types of Barbera DOC is during the Nizza è Barbera festival, in the month of May. Nizza is also the land par excellence of the hunchback cardoon (cardo gobbo) and the white truffle, specialties that can be tasted during the Patronal Fair of Saint Carlo - Truffle and Nizza Hunchback Cardoon Day, in November. We can't forget that Nizza is home to the fine Piedmontese meat too, celebrated during the Fair of the Fat Ox and Beef (Fiera del Bue Grasso e del Manzo), a zootechnical and food and wine festival scheduled for December. Among the typical dishes: the green cake, that can be tasted during the Fair of the Holy Christ (Fiera del Cristo Santo), in April, and the bagna cauda, which characterizes two events of great appeal: the Bagna Cauda del Camperista and Nizza è Bagna Cauda.